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[Name]: Yurei "Ghost" 3

[Age]: 5 Years or So, Year 3022

[Sex]: Full Female Package

[Species]: 85% Cybernetic / 15% Human

[Looks]: Ghost's human parts are her brain, spine, and heart. Her 'blood' is blackish orange, keeping the robotic and human organs working together at a higher rate. Coughing up blood is a sign that one of the robotic organs is damaged and backing fluid up in her system.

[M/P]: Medical Protector - A design initially made for war purposes, able to get to victims in need, medically stabilize them, and protect them from enemies, environment, or ever changing situations until they could be moved. The model showed more progress with information gathering and physical battle with its medical knowledge.

[Personality]: Ghost is very open and expressional to those around her, making everything seem calm and relaxed. She loves to talk to anyone who will listen, even if they're an enemy. It's caused by a lonely complex in hopes that someone will always be next to her. She's observant to other's feelings and body language, able to adjust accordingly. Always tries to keep positive and relaxed until things get serious. Has a fear of her own death, friends' death, and dying alone, or even being alone for long.

[Weapons And Defenses]: Her only true weapons is her body, magic, and whatever she can reach. Her 'extra' skin or light armor is hardly protection, it rips quite easy but does repair itself, helping keep any wounds from becoming worse. The large circles can expand on her thighs and both contain sharp hand blades for fighting. The smaller circles are used for a number of things, but for now, collecting evidence from Ground 0 and samples of Thirteen. Her helmet scans environments, plants, and living beings to show their anatomy and weak points; as well as a three-sixty view. The fins on her neck sense vibrations in the air and record breathing patterns. Do not underestimate.

[Magical Control]: Earth - Ghost can control earth with her hands and mind, but cannot create it from thin air. She can transform the environment and ground, create weapons and shields, protect others with it before her own self, create armor infused to her skin, travel through it for short periods of times or make tunnels. She can slightly control metals and sand from of the related minerals, allowing her to shift it but taking more time/energy.

[Skills and Extra Knowledge]: Expert medical techniques that allow her to fix any ailment or to even take someone down with ease. Higher level of speed and strength come from her robotic body, including the ability to scan beings and understand their physical structure, while finding weak points. Her style of fighting is loose and allows her to dodge attacks easy, fingers able to hit points on a body to break bones or bruise muscles. She knows the city like the back of her hand and understands the structure of plants to grow or help wounds. Can read and speak elfish.

[Weaknesses]: Beyond the weak protection for her entire body, a hard crack on her helmet could break it. Disabling her vision to see out of it and a chance to become infected. Her helmet allows a three-sixty view to behind her, but without it, she only has regular vision. Her ankles have been known to twist each other out, making her fall in shock for a moment, trying to regroup and reuse her limbs. Too much leakage of 'blood' will not allow her body to function properly and have to slow down to stay awake.

[Romantic Interests]: Silas Has A Small Crush

[History]: Human parts of a fighter who died young and robotic from the Royal Labs in District 13, she was produced to care for the sickly queen but ended up being Luvidine's best assassin. There when the king fell, she was able to save Silas but could do nothing for the court and those she cared for. It helps fuel her passion to find out what really happened to her city and home. Before any medical procedure or fight, Ghost says a pray, a trait originated from her 'fighter part' who used to do it as well. Only a very few amount know and call Ghost by her true name.
Original Art: [link]
Permission Was Asked and Given by velsen.
Elf Form/Actual Face: [link]
That Is My Idea Of What She'd Look Like, Not velsen.
I do not know Axis Powers: Hetalia or recognize it as that in the reference here.

Key Words People Won't Know:

Ludivine - A city where elves populated; it is across from the human city of Erebus
M/P - Model and Purpose Of It, like a 'class', if you will.
Thirteen - A virus that mutates the victim into monstrous beasts; is contracted by bite, air, and water
District 13/Ground 0 - Where the royal castle stands; Where the virus started and began to spread
Silas - Prince, now king, of Ludivine; Saved from virus by Ghost
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